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Meet Nate Muckley’15, who can spend hours with Wikipedia

October 22, 2012

Name: Nate Muckley’15
Hometown: Minnetonka, Minn.
You may have seen me: being too loud in the library (sorry), or going
into/out of Phi Psi.
Major: I haven't decided on a major yet, but I'm thinking either political science or health and society.

nate 2 

Favorite class? My favorite class I have taken so far has been Nutrition to Nuclear Power. It was taught by two professors: Pat Polley and Katie Johnson. It was an incredibly interesting class, not only was the material interesting, but how it was structured, too; half of the semester was taught by Pat Polley, and it was about global warming and how we use energy on a large scale, and the other half of the semester was taught byKatie Johnson, focusing on diabetes and how we use energy on a biological scale.

It was a great way to learn about two very relevant issues, and the science behind them. The way they split up the semester got us to think about the idea of energy form multiple angles. All of the way through the semester, they kept the class engaging. One week we were learning about America's power grid, and a few weeks later we were conducting blood-glucose tests on mice.

What three items go in your desert island backpack? Matches, a hammock, and some device on which I can spend hours reading fascinating Wikipedia articles—an iPad, cell phone, whatever, I'm not picky.

Favorite meal? Pumpkin pie. Any pumpkin-based dessert, really. Why is pumpkin only a
seasonal thing?

What gets you up in the morning? The thought of breakfast.

Any advice? Come to the Voodoo Barbie show next Tuesday (Oct. 30)!

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