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Policy of the week: media devices

October 8, 2012


Dear Beloiters,

As you peruse the Terrarium right now, staring adoringly into the screen of your iPhone or iPad or iWhatever, as you are reading these very words right now, you—you in class—are… breaking student policy.  But don't fear, and please don't stop reading because, very soon, you will be able to change your erroneous ways. 

Did you know? All media devices must be turned off during classes, lectures, theater, and music performances, and all special events, of course, with the exception of a professor's or administrator's approval. In addition, there are some "dos and don'ts" regarding proper use of media devices in locker rooms. This stuff is juicy, so read on.

 With Love from Your 2012-2013 Stu-Pol Committee,

Erik Carlson’15, Dana DiMaggio’14, Hope Doucet’15, Hannah Ireland’13, Reine Lucas’15, Rachel Machunski’15, and John Winkelmann

*For concerns, questions, and ideas regarding policy, please e-mail the Student Policy Chair, Hope Doucet, at

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