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Save the date: Advising Practicum on Halloween

October 8, 2012

Wednesday, Oct. 31 is significant for more than the usual reasons this year, at least on campus. The date marks the fall 2012 iteration of Advising Practicum, a day (sans classes) of getting useful advice on everything from internships and resume-building to practical advice for the post-college job market. The day will end with a networking event featuring community and business leaders and Beloit College alumni. (Maybe especially helpful for those of you about to enter the job market yourselves.)

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The day will begin with Initiatives Program advising workshops in the morning, but beginning at 10:30 a.m., the entire student body is invited to partake in sessions focusing on themes like:

  • Aspiring beyond Beloit
  • Answering the “so what?” question
  • Finding balance and health
  • Planning your curriculum
  • Making and leveraging your connections

Advising Practicum