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Mixology 101: Teams can still sign up for Friday's game show

October 2, 2012

What's the oldest alcoholic beverage? Is wine only made of grapes? Are spirits distilled or fermented? What is a spirit?

Could what you don't know about alcohol fit in a shot glass or a keg?

Platioplex2012 (an R.A. complex) is hosting Beloit's first alcohol-themed game show, Mixology 101. Come watch your friends answer trivia questions and compete in alcohol-themed events this Friday (Oct. 5) at 8 p.m. in Wilson Theater, Mayer Hall. Be ready to laugh as teams struggle to answer trivia questions about alchol and wobble around in beer goggles while trying to find their way home.

Want to field a team? If you're interested in competing in this event, e-mail Miranda James at with your name and your three other team member names.

This is a non-alcoholic event therefore, no alcohol will be distributed or consumed. This game show intends to educate people on how the different types of alcohol affect the body and how students can drink responsibly.