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Check out the winning off-campus-study photos

September 25, 2012


You voted at the Off-Campus Study Fair, now see the winners. Curious to see all the submissions? An entire gallery of all submissions is available on Facebook.

First Place: “The Glacier”

Photo contest 2
Photographer: Erin Chambers’13.
Location of photograph: Franz Josef, New Zealand.
Study abroad program: Direct Enrollment at James Cook University, Townsville, Australia; spring 2012.
Story: “While in New Zealand I had the opportunity to hike up a glacier. We were helicoptered in to the middle of the glacier, then hiked up it and then back.”

Second Place: “Mud Pot”

Photo contest 5
Photographer: Rachel Skoza’13
Place taken: Wai-O-Tapu, “Thermal Wonderland,” New Zealand.
Study abroad program: Direct Enrollment at James Cook University, Townsville, Australia; spring 2012.
Story: “I was walking on small wooden bridge across a swamp of bubbling geothermal activity dubbed the ‘artist’s palette,’ and found the perfect background for this yellow mud pot.”

Third Place (tie): “Home”

Photo contest 6
Photographer: Colleen Doyle ‘13
Place taken: Pacific Ocean, leg between Tahiti and Tikehau; on the bowsprit of the Robert C. Seamans (ship).
Person in photo: Tahi, guest Polynesian navigator.
Study abroad program: SEA Semester SPICE Program, spring 2012.
Story: “This was our home for two months. Everything we did happened here. Everything we needed we carried with us.”

Third Place (tie): “St. Alban’s Church”

Photo contest 1
Photographer: Kyle Bohrer’14
Place Taken: Copenhagen, Denmark.
Study abroad program: Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS) – Sustain; fall 2012.
Story: “St. Alban’s Church in Copenhagen, Denmark was built in 1885 to serve as the Danish home for the Church of England. Funded by the Prince of Wales, its opening day had guests including the Tsar of Russia, the King of Denmark, the King of Greece, and the Prince himself. The church is built along the esplanade of the citadel Kastellet, a city fortification built in 1662. The remaining moat can be seen in the foreground.”

Best International Student Photo: “The Natural Life”

Photo contest 3
Photographer: Ayca Kaplan
Place Taken: Riverside Park, Beloit, Wis.
Study abroad program: Beloit Turkey Exchange Program with Yeditepe University, Istanbul.
Story: “The campus of the college has natural life. When I saw the squirrels for the first time, I was really surprised. Not only squirrels, there are also rabbits and different kinds of birds. The first week of school we went to the picnic as a big group of friends with our advisors off-campus, near the river. The sun was shining, and the environment was perfect! You can see the ducks, river, and squirrels. Living together with them makes us more responsible to other lives and nature.”

Facebook Fan Favorite: “How do you do that?”

Photo contest 4
Photographer: Tan In (San) Lau
Place Taken: Beloit College.
Study abroad program: Beloit Hong Kong Exchange Program with Lingnan University.
Story: "'How do you do that?' Sarah looked at the photo and then at me. I remembered her eyes. Blue, round, clear, and curious. Her eyebrows. Rose a bit. And in me, it was excitement and surprise.
I took the photo for my photography class. The girl was facing the dark. Head lowered. The light cut through her. Frustration.

Thank you for the girl who was willing to be my model in the shot. I would like to thank her patience and kindness for tolerating me because I asked her to do the action so many times. I also felt sorry because I didn’t ask for her name. But I will find it out and send her the photo one day.

I always remember my aim here is to understand myself. I was someone who found myself a dull person because I didn’t know my interests and wasn’t especially good at anything. I used to be unhappy about this. I worked hard to see myself through the exploration of things here. I am lucky to be in the photography class. I would like to thank my photography teacher, Sarah.

‘How do you do that?’ means so much to me. I eventually reach the first step. I don't see the relevance of this sentence. And thank you Beloit College.”