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Jenzabar implementation: a timeline of the next few steps

June 29, 2012


It’s almost here—the time when we say goodbye to Datatel Colleague and WebAdvisor and convert completely to using Jenzabar EX and the Portal portal. Here’s a list of some of the important upcoming dates; note that once Jenzabar EX and the Portal are live, people will be able to post questions about the system on the Terrarium, so stay tuned.

Friday, July 6 – Last day to use Datatel Colleague. Please note:

  • Regular reports should be run prior to this date
  • Final data extract taken from Datatel Colleague at 5 p.m. for final pass
  • Access to the Colleague User Interface will remain for select users only (module managers, IT, other special requests)
  • WebAdvisor will remain available to faculty and staff in the event that someone needs to run budget reports, WebWizard reports or to view other information.

Monday, July 9-Friday July 13 – Jenzabar conducts final pass of data and module managers will be available to validate data when the pass is complete.

Monday, July 16-Friday, July 20 – Jenzabar consultants work with module managers and IT to bring the system live

Monday, July 23 – Jenzabar EX and the Portal will be live

  • WebAdvisor will be shut down
  • Colleague User Interface will remain available to select staff members

Wednesday, July 25 – New students will access the Portal