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Work on WAC, Middle College, D.K.’s (pics)

June 17, 2012

As evidenced below (and as you’ve probably seen, if you’re on campus this summer) various physical renovations are well underway at Beloit College.

Besides the installation of a campus map (look for it in a few weeks or so), the brick navigational sign to the east of WAC is pretty much complete.

reno 3 

As for WAC, the demolition phase is complete, and workers are busy installing new shingles on the roof. According to Physical Plant Director Michael Brady, the shingles are metal, and have a 50-year warranty, meaning this is a roofing project with some staying power. The drainage projects around the building were approximately 40 percent complete as of Friday (June 15).

reno 4reno 2 

The iconic columns of Middle College have been trimmed, and workers are currently waiting for the cement to fully set and solidify. The next step is cutting the steps, and after that, ramps will be constructed (all weather-contingent, of course).

reno 5 

D.K.’s saw its first week under new Bon Appetit management, and staffers, summer students, and summer program participants flocked to the revamped eatery to try the new fare.

reno 6 

reno 8reno 7