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Students be warned: WebAdvisor email is phishing scam

May 30, 2012

The college’s IT department is warning students that an email some are receiving is a phishing scam. The email (see at least one example below) asks students to update their Beloit username and password as a part of a WebAdvisor upgrade.

In an email to campus on Tuesday, Kelly Scott, director of information technology at Beloit, warned students about the threat and reminded them to be wary of any such requests in the future as “the IT department would never ask you for your username or password.”

Anyone who actually received this email – which originates from a non address – should immediately change their password by going to the Beloit College Password Settings page. If you need additional assistance, please contact the IT Help Desk at or 608-363-2067.

Here’s the fraudulent email that went out to some Beloit students:

Dear mail Account Holder:

This e-mail is to notify the students of Beloit College that we will be upgrading our server. We need you to send us the following information in order to keep your account active after the upgrade.

(1) username:

(2) Password:

Please acknowledge this email upon receipt.

Thank you,

WebAdvisor Beloit College