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May 20, 2012


May 17 - June 6:  Beloit Blocks
This is the first year for these three-week intensive block courses, taught by Gina T'ai, John Kaufmann, Chuck Lewis, and Phil Shields. This year, all Block students are Beloit College students. Be alert for notices of opportunities to join them.
Contact: Alisa Pykett

May 18 - May 20: Scottish Dance Conference
This conference group that has returned to Beloit for many years will start off the conference season for the Campus Center. They are doing most of their work in the Hendricks Center.
Contact: Amber Moreyra

May 21 - July 14: Sustainability Fellows
This eight-week program gives Beloit students the opportunity to contribute their expertise to a campus- or community-based sustainability project and earn one unit of academic credit.  They work full-time at their sites.
Director: Yaffa Grossman

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