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While you’re away: campus updates planned

May 9, 2012

With the majority of the student body absent from campus for the next few months, it’s the perfect time to implement some updates to the grounds and physical structures that make up the college.

Here are some of the projects planned for this summer:

  • The World Affairs Center roof will be replaced this summer with a possible start date soon after graduation; this will be a five-to-six week project. This work will complement the updates to the two main floor lounges that are being funded by a $250,000 grant from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation (read more about that here). That work will also be underway this summer.
  • The fire systems in Sigma Chi, 818 Church St., French House, Womens Center, 609 Emerson St., and Campbell Hall  will be upgraded.
    • Alumni and International houses will be painted. (The Alumni House paint job is already underway, actually.)
  • The red square pavers in front of Middle College will be changed this year.  The portico will be extended out an additional 13 feet and raised up, making the front of Middle College accessible. The front of the portico will no longer be square; instead, it will have a curved-step approach, similar to the President’s House. There will be two ramps, one on each side, from the base level of the pavers up to the main entrance of Middle college, curved to match the portico and to help them blend into the building face. The bricks will be replaced with a new, road-worthy paver.