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16 students receive tens of thousands towards putting the liberal arts in practice this summer

May 3, 2012

This summer, Beloit College will spend more than $300,000 to help fund student internships and research. With $31,000 of that amount drawn from several Liberal Arts in Practice Center-administered scholarship funds, 16 students will pursue opportunities across the globe and right here in Beloit, ranging from work with the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans and a youth organization in Costa Rica to a theatre company in Chicago or a health clinic in Beloit.

Please congratulate the students (a list is attached in pdf form to the right of this post) who have received funding through various gifts administered through the Liberal Arts in Practice Center, which supports beyond-the-classroom summer learning. These students put together competitive proposals which detailed how their internships would enhance their academic and professional goals, what they had done to equip themselves to take advantage of these opportunities, and what funding was needed to make it happen. As you see, their plans span the globe and the disciplines; many thanks to the generous donors who have made this possible.

Of course, these are only some of the many Beloit-only funding opportunities available to our students. For a more complete list of opportunities, please check out It is not too soon to be thinking about what might be possible next summer.

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