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The future of food at Beloit—an update

April 26, 2012

By now, you probably know that the college will be switching from an in-house managed dining service to management company Bon Appetit, effective June 11.

While a contract has not been signed and the details of what exactly will change is still being hashed out, one thing that’s certain is that the campus dining facilities—most notably Commons—will look much different next semester. While nothing is set in stone, here’s what you should expect.

The college’s main dining room will see the most drastic physical changes under Bon Appetit direction. While the core, the kitchen, will remain in the same place, the way food is presented will look very different. The two long line hotwells for keeping food warm will disappear, replaced by stations wrapped around the kitchen: one for (made to order!) pizza, another for pasta, a Mediterranean salads station, soup and deli cart, traditional salad bar, grill, global offerings, and a station for carving and other entrees. Fresco Grille will be removed to create more seating space, and the tray-drop and trash collection area will be out of diners’ sight. The decor will receive a total overhaul, so expect a thoroughly spruced-up display.

Renovations to D.K.’s dining room will be less extensive than those in Commons, but they will happen more quickly to accommodate meals for summer programs while Commons is under construction. The walls along which trays are stored and the soda station sits will be removed, opening up the space. The cashier’s desk will be moved outside the food area and will allow for two cashiers to operate at once, increasing efficiency. Grab-and-go options will be expanded, and the space is still expected to house a grill, desserts, beverages, and capabilities for fresh salads, wraps, and sandwiches.

Java Joint
It does look like the outdoor patio is not going to happen right now, but changes will be made to the counter area.

The establishment will retain its unique look and feel, but boast an updated kitchen with better food-production capabilities.

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