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Tune into “The Beloit Beat” Thursday night

April 26, 2012

The students of TDMS 165, Journalism for the Media, will air their 30-minute news broadcast on Beloit Access Television (Charter 98, Digital 992) tonight (Thursday) at 10 p.m.

The broadcast, called “The Beloit Beat,” is the final project for the class and features Beloit College news, local stories, international segments, weather, and sports.

Each member of the class produced a 60-90 second news package. Stories include segments on the Latin @Educational Issues Conference, handbells at a local church, a student perspective on Kony, and the new lacrosse program.

“People should tune in—it’s an interactive final result of everything we’ve learned this semester,” Elizabeth Crea’12, producer of the newscast, says. “Usually final projects aren’t that much fun, so it’s pretty unique to have it presented on television. Also, we should get the BATV name out there, since many students still don’t know that we operate a cable-access station on campus.”