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CONTEST: The Jenzabar version of WebAdvisor needs a name!

April 18, 2012

What’s in a name? Well, a lot. Namely, a prize, for you, for offering us some ideas.

As you might have already heard via the 2011-2012 Beloit Initiatives Progress Report or regular Jenzabar Implementation Project updates, the college is switching its data-storing software from Datatel to Jenzabar.

Part of this process is the implementation of a web portal with functionality similar to WebAdvisor (which, as a Datatel product, the college will no longer use) called the Jenzabar Internet Campus Solution portal—kind of a mouthful, which is why we want to call it something else.

The providers of the top three name suggestions for JICS (we’re looking primarily for ideas, which might be subject to tweaking) will each receive a $30 gift certificate for Turtle Creek Bookstore. Participants must be a student, faculty member, or staff member; you can submit your suggestions here, on the front page of the Terrarium.

In order to get your creativity flowing, here’s some information about what the JICS portal will do:

  • students will be able to see grade reports, schedule, emergency contacts, course schedules
  • faculty members will be able to see class rosters, enter grades
  • faculty and staff will be able to access biographical data, addresses, budget reporting, course schedule

In the future, the plan is for the JICS portal to be used to process time cards electronically, deliver online paystubs, provide real-time degree audits, view financial aid and billing information, and replace the current paper versions of forms like the financial aid application.

Again, if you have are a student/faculty/staff member of the college and want to enter your JICS-portal name ideas on the Terrarium by next Wednesday, April 25, you could win a $30 prize! Send any questions about the contest to