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Meet a Greek: Elizabeth Crea’12, of Theta

April 17, 2012


Name: Elizabeth Crea’12

Major: Media studies/journalism and women and gender studies.

Greek Initiation Semester: Spring 2011, Theta Pi Gamma.

Why did you join? Coming back from abroad, I felt like my social circle had shrunk dramatically. Theta made me feel very welcomed and I was able to bond with my sisters very quickly. They also put up with a lot of my quirks, which is appreciated.   

Did you originally think you would join Greek Life? Never. In fact, I made an effort to look for schools without a huge Greek influence.

Favorite thing about Greek Life? I like the solidarity within all of the Greek organizations. You could basically start a conversation with any Greek since you tend to have similar experiences. 

Favorite Greek memory? When we had our big sister/little sister reveal, the look on my little sister’s face was priceless because she was so surprised. 

Common misconception you had about Greek Life? I used to think all Greeks were the same. As I joined Theta, I quickly realized that this was not true. The only things that are the same are ideals of sisterhood and common goals. In terms of personalities, interests, and backgrounds, we are as diverse as can be. 

What does Greek Life provide to campus? Spring Day: we make it happen.

Final message about Greek Life? If you're even a tiny bit interested in rushing any organization, don't be shy and attend the events! And if you find out it isn't right for you, at least you can get some free brownies out of the deal.