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Meet a Greek: Athi Selvendran’14

March 29, 2012


Name: Athi Selvendran’14.

Major: International relations.

Greek Initiation Semester: Spring 2011, Sigma Chi.

Why did you join? Sigma Chi was the most appealing to me because for me it symbolized family, and the dudes in the fraternity treated me like a brother before I even joined.   

Did you originally think you would join Greek Life? Nah, when I visited I actually was never told about any of the Greek houses on campus.

Favorite thing about Greek Life? Brotherhood and being able to live with a bunch of people who are there for you no matter what. The friendships you make here at the house last forever.  

Favorite Greek memory? Hanging out with Kyle, Eddie, Derek, Matt, Bryan Fayer, and the rest of the football and baseball Sigma Chi bros and shooting ridiculously stupid, sometimes funny videos.

Common misconception you had about Greek Life? Well, a lot of people told me that fraternities are all about partying, something like the movie “Old School.” But really, there is so much meaning behind what Sigma Chi is and what it stands for. Once you join and go through the initiation process your eyes become open to what Sigma Chi truly is. 

What does Greek Life provide to campus? Sigma Chi throws parties that everyone goes to and loves. Our Great Lakes Party (Best Party of The Year) is on [April 17], get hyped! We also raise awareness to major causes. Most of those events that raise money around school for a cause are usually run by a Greek organization.

Final message about Greek Life? Even if you don't want to join Sigma Chi, come chill at the house or come to one of our parties, don't be a stranger. If you do want to join the house come hang out! Trust me, no one in our house would say no to you chilling with us.