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The Beloit Baby Bracket Battle final four

March 27, 2012

The Beloit Baby Bracket Battle is down to its final four. Here are the match-ups:

  •  Jingjing Lou v. Shannon Fie
  •  Michelle Burton v. Fred Burwell

Jingjing Lou

Jing Jing Lou

Shannon Fie

Shannon Fie

Michelle Burton

Michelle Burton

Fred Burwell

Fred Burwell baby pic 

“Based on these pairings, it means the final battle next week will come down to a faculty versus staff head-to-head ruckus of incredible cuteness,” says Dan Bartlett, the Logan Museum’s curator of exhibits and education.

Ballots can be found in the Shaw Gallery on the Logan Museum’s second floor, near the museum’s exhibit Growing Up: Tools for the Work of Childhood, which explores the material culture of childhood around the world and across time. The exhibit runs through the semester.