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Meet a Greek: Patricia Ann Weber’14

March 27, 2012

As part of an all-campus project, resident assistants Erick Hetland’12 and Kyle Bohere’14 are profiling members of the campus’s Greek community. Profiles will appear here in the Terrarium, in the Round Table, and in the mail center.

Patricia Weber 

Name: Patricia Ann Weber.
: Sophomore.
: Education and youth studies; double minor in music and health and society
Greek Initiation Semester
: Fall 2011, Alpha Sigma Tau.
Why did you join?
I went to AST parties and hung out with some of the girls before I decided to rush spring 2011. I knew most of the girls in AST and I wanted to get to know a few of them better. I thought they were fun, nice, and quirky in a good way. Some of them were nerds like me.
Did you originally think you would join Greek Life?
I came to Beloit because Greek Life was a small part of the campus. I thought Greeks just party all night and day and did not care about academics. Once I got to know people and they told me they were Greek, I was surprised that Beloit's Greek Life was just like the college: unique, and better than other colleges' Greek Life.
Favorite thing about Greek Life?
Sisterhood. My sisters will always be there to cheer me up, they will always love me, we will always have this bond that can never be broken, and I feel safe whenever I am with one of my sisters. I have two older sisters and I miss them a lot so my AST sisters fill in this hole for me when I am at college and I cannot see my "real" sisters. I say "real" because they are sisters by blood but my AST sisters are real too; they are real by the definition of what a sister is, beyond the blood tie.
Favorite Greek memory?
We have a thing called Big and Little where an older AST takes a new member under her watch and you become her little. It is to help you with any questions about AST and to start creating those special bonds. Emmy Fuller is my Big and she knows I love My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (as does the rest of AST by now). For the Big/Little reveal, she got me a Pinkie Pie toy which showed she listened. At AST's Secret Santa, my Santa got me another toy. It is nice to have people support your pony obsession!
Common misconception you had about Greek Life?
I was afraid I would have to give up my time in the Sexuality and Gender Alliance and Advocates for Choice but the time commitment is not that bad, and a lot of my sisters have other obligations outside of AST.
Another is that I am queer, and I thought I could not be as open about this as I can with my other friends but AST is a welcoming place and they created another safe space for me.
What does Greek Life provide to campus?
Greek Life helps the Beloit College community by doing charity work in the college and outside in the community. Greeks are RAs, TAs, and other great staff positions that help students out with their academics and with problems between peers. Greeks are mentors.
Final message about Greek Life?
Even if you do not want to join Greek Life, feel free to come to the rush events! We love to just hang out with new people and make new friends. If we give you a bid, you can always say no and still come and hang with us. We will not hate you because you declined our invitation. Knock on the door and hang out with us on the weekends. We always have something fun to do and if there is nothing going on, we will make something happen.