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From your inbox: security notice

March 20, 2012

The deans office sent an email to campus Tuesday about two incidents that have happened in the in past two weeks near campus.

On Thursday,  March 8, at 10:35 a.m., a student was biking near Grand Avenue and the park when a male crossing the street ran after her from the park to near State Street. At that point she turned north and returned to campus and the pursuer did not follow. The incident was reported to security and to the Beloit Police Department. The police and security have increased patrols in this area.

On Saturday (March 17) at 1:37 a.m. Students living in the Clary apartments called security to report that their living-room screen was cut, in an apparent attempt to enter the apartment. The students also reported an unidentified person walking around on Church Street talking on the phone. The window screen was intact during the 1 a.m. rounds. A police report was filed and the officer met with the hall director and two residents.  Students were advised to close their windows and shades when sleeping or not in the room.  

Security has increased patrols on the Clary/Church edge of campus and is in contact with the police department about this recent incident.

Please report any incidents or suspicious behavior to the Beloit Police Department and/or security at 608-363-2355. While the weather is warm, we suggest placing something in an open window that will create a noise if moved and locking windows and closing the shades when nobody is present. Never prop open building entry doors and always lock your room when you are sleeping or away from your room. As students move around the edges of campus and downtown, it is advised to have a cell phone handy so you can quickly call security at 608-363-2355.