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Spaces: the R.A. lounges

March 4, 2012

Buckets of tangled lanyards. Piles of furniture. Legions of vacuum cleaners. Stacks of defunct or otherwise unused televisions. The grungy pelt of a teddy bear (I am not making this up). This is only to name a few of the items that fill the R.A. lounges of Blaisdell and Whitney Halls.


Whitney Lounge is located on the first floor of the dormitory, behind a pair of nondescript tall double doors—kept locked most of the time. The room is full of Resident Assistant supplies: board games, crafts, old costumes, and the like. Despite the clutter, the space is used for the ’64 Hall complex meetings and as an RA workspace.

pool table 

The Blaisdell Lounge is just a couple hundred feet away, on the other side of The Wall. At one end of the room is a full-sized pool table, completely functional except for one missing ball. The rest of the space is devoted to the flea-market treasures mentioned above. The lounge is mainly used as Residential Life storage, though R.A.s occasionally use it to shoot pool with friends.

Students in the past have made an effort to open up the lounge. “The room has been cleared several times for use as a community space,” says R.A. Tim Lawrence’12. But storage issues always come up, and the room is inevitably refilled with sundry objects.

Perhaps one day the lounge will be opened up for good. Until then, students looking to hang out and shoot a game of pool will just have to pull strings with their R.A. friends.

-by Steven Jackson'12