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You must’ve been a beautiful baby: the Beloit Baby Bracket Battle

February 26, 2012

“There is only one beautiful baby in the world, and every mother has it.”

― Chinese Proverb

The 22 most beautiful babies in the world have submitted photos of themselves for the Logan Museum’s newest exhibit, Growing Up: Tools for the Work of Childhood, open now in the Shaw Gallery on the museum’s second floor. But because “There can be only one!” beautiful baby, and to honor the arrival of March Madness, we will open the Beloit Baby Bracket Battle to see who truly deserves the title. These are photos of faculty and staff as babies, not pictures of current faculty and staff babies (of which there are many beautiful examples!)

The Bracket Battle will work like this: every week for the next six weeks you will be able to judge pairs of babies and vote for which of the two is cutest. The baby in each pair that gets the most votes advances to the next round. In the second and fourth rounds, one discarded photo will be drawn at random to advance, because as our colleagues in the math department will tell you, brackets don’t work when you start with 22 slots.

Voters can enter to win a weekly drawing for a $5 Nikki’s gift card. The baby that takes the prize will receive a tiara, a $10 gift certificate for the museums’ store, and all of the privileges normally accorded to royalty at Beloit College. Contestants, of course, are allowed to campaign for votes in whatever shameless manner they choose. Look for contest reports and bracket updates here on the Terrarium and around campus. Voting starts tomorrow—Tuesday, Feb. 28.

Growing Up: Tools for the Work of Childhood explores the material culture of childhood and runs through Sunday, May 13.