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Meet: Jason Hughes, the voice behind the emergency alert system

February 6, 2012

Meet JH

Name: Jason Hughes
  Director of communications and marketing.
Beloit, but I’m a product of both Seymour, Ind., and Rocky Mount, N.C.
You may have heard me:
When answering your telephone during one of our tests of the college’s emergency alert system.
What are a few of your favorite things?
Sweet tea (on ice, y’all), blueberry pie, the poetry of William Carlos Williams, Pandora radio, and snowy Sunday mornings.
What’s on your desert island jukebox?
Van Morrison’s Moon Dance, The Avett Brothers’ Gleam albums, Imogen Heap’s Speak for Yourself, and the last five Hughes Family Holiday Mix Tapes.
Any advice?
“Be respectful of others. Focus on your work. Have fun.” These are the guiding principles outlined in my son’s preschool classroom. They should be written in stone and printed on our currency.
What do you do in your free time?
Play with my son Eli (age 4) and daughter Isla (age 1), entertain our puppy Ruby (age 14 weeks), commune with my wife (ageless), visit with friends, read a book (or one of the half dozen news magazines I get each week), and watch college basketball. 
What gets you up in the morning?
If it isn’t one of the kids it’s our puppy, a golden retriever-labrador mix. What gets me out the door is an enthusiasm for Beloit College and the work occurring here. This is a special place, people.
Who are your heroes?
My father. He grew up on a small tobacco farm in Switzerland County, Ind., graduated near the top of his high school class, enlisted in the Army reserves, and soon after took a job with a diesel engine manufacturer. He retired last year after more than 44 years with the company. He has never stopped telling my sisters (all four of them) and I just how fortunate he feels. I try to follow his example in almost every area of my life.
What’s your favorite hidden gem here in the area?
 The 615 Club. Just a very comfortable place full of jovial people. 
What are you most looking forward to? Sleeping in. It may be a few years away, but it will happen.