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SPACES: Best office on campus?

December 19, 2011

Terry Owens might just have the best office on campus. Owens, the director of sports information, works out of a room overlooking the Field House. He got the office when he started at Beloit in the summer of 2006. “I’d never move—unless they forced me to,” he says. “Obviously, it would take a while.” He’s right. The office is a nest of sports paraphernalia. Paperwork and boxes fill the shelves and occupy floorspace. The walls are adorned with examples of Terry’s work: event posters and media guides to Beloit athletics.

SPACES: Best office on campus? 

The most eye-catching feature in Terry’s office is right behind the desk. It’s a giant scoreboard, salvaged from Strong Stadium one year ago. When the college got a new baseball scoreboard last fall, Terry commented that the decommissioned board would look good in his house. “It was one of those things that you say in passing, and then forget about,” he says.

That November, Terry took medical leave for hip surgery. While he was out of the office, Physical Plant installed the scoreboard behind his desk. It was waiting for him as a welcome back present on the first Monday he returned to work.

SPACES: Best office on campus? 1