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40 attend Tuesday's space-use round table; second opportunity to weigh in TODAY

December 13, 2011

At the invitation of the Space-Use Planning Committee, more than 40 faculty and staff and several students discussed issues surrounding the use of campus space on Tuesday.

The committee’s goal was to gather input and feedback from the broader campus community about re-conceptualizing some of Beloit’s existing physical spaces. 

Attendees broke into six subgroups to facilitate the discussion. Among the topics of conversation:

  • campus demand for larger venue spaces (classrooms and otherwise)
  • retrofitting historical buildings
  • the proximity of faculty to teaching spaces
  • the idea of a “humanities corridor”
  • the need for upgrades to WAC and DK's
  • the role of the Field House
  • the future of Emerson Hall
  • the impacts of possibly relocating some of the offices and services now in Pearsons, WAC, Smith, and South College
  • and the idea of “third spaces”—those places that could complement and integrate the academic and residential aspects of campus life. 

There is still time to participate in these important conversations. Another session is scheduled TODAY at 12:30 p.m. in Mathers. Everyone is encouraged to attend and offer input.