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Say cheese! You might have just won for taking part in the holiday photo shoot!

November 30, 2011

If you are a member of the International Club, Kappa Delta, the accounting office, or your name is Claire Hof, we’re pleased to inform you that your enthusiastic participation in the November 16 campuswide photo shoot has earned you a prize.

As you might remember, in order to lure you out of your offices/dorm rooms/classrooms and into the frigid, late-fall Wisconsin air, prizes were offered for the shoot’s best-dressed individual, campus office, and student organization. Below, the results. It was hard to choose, but if you didn’t win, just take this chance to start planning your sartorial attack for next year!

Best-dressed individual: Area Hall Director Claire Hof
Many people wore great outfits, costumes, or head gear, but hall director Hof takes the cake (or, in this case, some Beloit-wear and a gift certificate to a local business) for putting together an entire ensemble that looked simultaneously festive and effortless.

Best-dressed office: Accounting
This office banded together (in an organized manner one might expect of the accounting department, naturally) and let their holiday spirit shine by donning fabric banners. Looks like they’ll be the office to beat the next time around. For their efforts, they’ll be awarded an office lunch.



Best-dressed student organizations: a tie between the International Club and Kappa Delta
The International Club came out in full force and with great regalia, carrying flags from their home countries as they posed in front of Middle College. Their turnout was unparalleled, and their enthusiasm much appreciated--as were the balloons.

Int Club 

When it comes to club cohesiveness, though, Kappa Delta was hard to beat, hence the tie. The sorority turned out in matching Kappa shirts. Both student groups will be awarded a pizza party.


Were you one of the winners listed here? The Office of Communications and Marketing will be in touch with prints and information on how to collect your prize. If you have questions, contact Jenny Tschudy at ext. 2625.