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Advising Practicum happening tomorrow: Be there

October 31, 2011


Your future self called. He/she wants you to go to tomorrow’s Advising Practicum, according to an editorial by Associate Professor of Religious Studies Natalie Gummer on page two of the most recent Round Table.

“Maybe…it just feels like a day without classes. But don’t deceive yourself: when you look back at your education a few years hence, this might be the day that you realized how important finding the right summer internship would be to achieving your entrepreneurial aspirations, or the day you changed your mind (and your life) by deciding to study abroad after all, or the day you first articulated how the major that other people told you was impractical has actually helped you to develop an amazing set of skills and perspectives that serve a broad range of career paths,” Gummer wrote.

Round Table News Editor Beth Hanson also covered the upcoming event on page four. To read the full coverage of Advising Practicum, download the Oct. 28 issue of the Round Table here.

Check your campus mailbox for a full program of Practicum events, or check out the schedule online here.