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SPACES: the Beloit College boathouse

October 27, 2011

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Not many people know it, but Beloit College has a boathouse. Located about a mile north of campus on Riverside Drive, the boathouse sits right on the Rock River.

The building holds six Butterfly sailboats and two canoes, as well as lots of other boating supplies. Some of it is in pristine condition and useable; some of it is antiquated and dilapidated. Last year, Beloit Boating Club (BBC) worked with Physical Plant to clear out brush around the boathouse, repair the siding and roof, and clean up the interior.

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The boathouse has seen lots of activity this semester, as the BBC meets there every weekend (weather permitting) to go boating.

The college has owned the boathouse at least since the 1970s, when the six sailboats were purchased. At that point, boating was a bigger deal at Beloit.

“It was sort of a 24/7 deal,” says BBC founder Carrie Hatcher’13.

Hatcher started BBC shortly after she arrived on campus. “I was a competitive sailor and I wanted to sail in college,” she explains. Now the club has some brand new officers and a healthy stock of boaters showing up for meetings and events.

If you’re interested in boating or the boathouse, contact BBC presidents Olivia Canizares ( and Monica Norton (

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