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Museum Mondays: Getting up close and personal with art and artifacts

September 25, 2011

Question: What do these courses have in common?:

  • Chemistry 117: Chemistry
  • English 190-03: Native American Literary Traditions
  • History 210-02: World History I—Civilization and Empire
  • History 243: U.S. Nationalism and Internationalism, 1861-1945
  • History 310-01: Immigration
  • Theatre, Dance and Media Studies 360: Professional Development Seminar
  • FYI Seminar: “This is when I became myself”: Childhood and Adolescence in American Literature and Culture

Answer: All of these classes, as well as other FYI seminars and many anthropology and art history classes, have already used or will soon use Beloit’s museum resources this semester in exciting and innovative ways. At the Logan Museum and Wright Museum, students get up close and personal with real objects—things that help bring classroom work and readings to life. From the composition of metal weapons to the life and times of Charles Eastman, museum collections provide unmatched opportunities for students to experience the ability of objects to spark curiosity, understanding, and creativity.

Faculty, staff, and students in every field can benefit from use of the museums, whether as part of skill-building visual literacy exercises or to lend materiality to a broad array of topics, concepts, or theories. Staff members at both museums are eager to help all members of the college community explore, learn from, and enjoy our unique resources. Please contact anyone at the Logan or Wright to arrange a general tour, focused visit, or class experience.

Photo: Jennifer McGovern’s Native American Literary Traditions students learn how to read objects that relate to their class.