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Middle College cupola to go under the paint scraper

August 25, 2011


One of Beloit College’s most iconic images has in recent years been in need of a major facial. In the coming weeks, it will get one. Pealing paint on the Middle College cupola will be scraped, rotting wood replaced, broken ornaments (such as the urns) repaired, and dirty windows, cleaned. After that, the entire structure, which sits atop what was once student quarters in the college’s oldest building, will get a fresh coat of paint.

But that’s not all. The so-called “red square” out in front of the Middle College columns will also be replaced with a more durable stamped concrete pad. The pad project will require its own approval from the Department of Natural Resources (due to the area’s proximity to the mounds). Rumor has it that it could be spring before that piece of the project is underway, but that completion will likely include the installation of a few pieces of outdoor furniture.

The entire project is being underwritten by donors to the college-- through both the ongoing “Renewing the Historic Core” fundraising drive and other major gifts. 

The project was given the green light by the city’s Landmarks Commission on Tuesday, Aug. 16.   

What you should know:

  • In addition to the Middle College work, teams will be constructing a campus navigational sign near the northern most walkway to the World Affairs Center later this fall. The sign will feature a large lit campus map and bench seating just south of the main campus sign on College Street.
  • The cupola was the only part of Middle College that was spared the paint brush prior to this year’s commencement ceremonies. Physical plant, expecting the renovation funding and approval to be coming this summer, decided to save the expense of a quick touchup.