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MEET: Meredith Newman, women's lacrosse coach

August 24, 2011

Meredith NName: Meredith Newman
Occupation: Head women's lacrosse coach at Beloit College
Hometown/residence: I grew up in Charlottesville, VA. As of last week I am a Beloit resident!
How would you explain lacrosse to someone who has never played it?
Women’s lacrosse, wlax or lax for short, is a fast-paced, dynamic game played on a field slightly larger than that of football, with 11 field players and one goal keeper per side. The object of the game is to score by using the lacrosse stick or “cross” (a 40 in. metal/composite poll with a triangular head strung with netting) to shoot the rubberized ball (up to 60+ mph) into a 6’x6’ goal past the GK. Women’s lacrosse is technically a non-contact sport (so no hitting each other with sticks as we don’t wear pads like the men do) however, body contact is permitted. The sport originated as a Native American war preparation game called “Little Brother of War” and was first adapted in Canada by non-native settlers. Little known fact: Lacrosse is Canada’s National Sport! P.s. I think it’s the coolest sport and I can’t wait to spread the word of lax throughout the Beloit community!
What are a few of your favorite things? Lax, hanging out with friends/making new ones, experimenting in the kitchen, anything outdoors, learning new skills (most recently beach volleyball), and pretty much having a good time all the time.
What three items go in your desert island backpack? Huge box of matches (pyro), Shovel (buried treasure), rope (always useful)
What’s on your desert island jukebox? Rebelution, Sublime, Matisyahu, Phish, Bassnectar, Shwayze, The Expendables, Bob Marley…can I just have Pandora?
Any do-over requests to lodge with the universe? Explain. Nope. I hold no regrets and believe that everything happens for a reason.
Favorite meal? Impossible, I love food.
What can’t you live without? Food.
Any advice? Never stop exploring, stay curious, and always have a plan B.
What do you do in your free time? Bike around Beloit, hang out with friends, checkout the evolution of the new turf at Strong Stadium, Wii, and rock out while playing lax.
What gets you up in the morning? Iced coffee with almond or soy milk...Oh, right, not speaking literally…being a lax coach is probably the coolest job I can think of and everyday I’m excited to go to work building the program here at Beloit. 
Which talent would you most like to have? Teleportation
What’s your favorite hidden gem here in the area? The not-so-hidden Bushel & Peck’s Local Market
What are you most looking forward to? Continuing to meet and beginning to work with current students interested in lacrosse, as well as bringing great student-athletes to Beloit, en route to creating the culture of passion, dedication, and excellence in Buccaneer women’s lacrosse.