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Avoid Aldrich Field, for now

August 22, 2011

aldrich 1

A favorite campus green space is in need of a bit of a reprieve: Aldrich Field. Over the summer, dirt removed from the Strong Stadium area was used to level the field—a move intended to improve drainage and allow for an update to the field’s irrigation system. A first seeding of the field early in the summer didn’t produce the hoped-for turf, (though a second seeding is expected to yield better results). As a result, the field is not yet ready for foot traffic.

In order to give the grass a chance to sprout and grow, Physical Plant is asking that you take another path around the field, for now. The projection is that the field should be ready—and better than ever—in the spring.

In the meantime, the intramural field to the north (the "original" Karris Field, which was under repair last academic year), is open for use.

aldrich 2