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Textbook rental: It’s like Redbox/Netflix for your books

August 19, 2011


By this point, most of us are used to renting movies out of a little red kiosk or getting them in the mail via Netflix. What if getting your textbooks for the semester was just as easy and at a fraction of the cost you would pay to buy the book? Well, now it is. 

This semester, Turtle Creek Bookstore is offering a textbook rental program. Besides the savings (usually more than 50 percent), the process for renting textbooks is not much different than buying them outright. Books can be purchased in the store—located downtown at the corner of Grand Avenue and Pleasant Street—or online, at the bookstore’s website. When purchasing online, a “rental” option will display at checkout. Books can be returned at the bookstore or by mail.

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer rentals on campus,” said Peter Fronk, the bookstore’s manager. “It’s very popular with students not only because of the incredible savings, but because it’s so convenient and easy to use. Students who rent from the bookstore are also assured that they are getting the right books for the right course.”  

One important note: Even if the rentals are paid with cash, the bookstore will need to keep a valid credit card number on file for the duration of the rental.

Decide you like the book so much you’d like to keep it? No worries—you can convert your rental to a full purchase within the first two weeks of classes.