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College Street offices going dark, warming up on Friday morning

July 27, 2011

A number of college offices along College Street will go dark on Friday morning as a result of Alliant Energy work along Bushnell Street. Door hangers warning of an impending outage appeared Wednesday morning at 609, 613, 631, and 635 College Street (which house the Writing Center and Summer Programs, Communications & Marketing, and several External Affairs departments). Physical Plant officials have confirmed that the power is expected to be out from 8 a.m. to noon, but have warned that any complications may delay the reinstatement of power.

What you should know:  Without lights, computers or – egads! – air conditioning, staff in the impacted buildings will likely be working remotely on Friday. If you have a pressing need, try email. You may also try calling the regular desk extensions to get alternate contact information. 

If you reside in one of the affected offices, remember to shut down your computers on Thursday evening to avoid any issues.

Update: Scott Murphy'91, IT support manager, reminded the Terrarium on Thursday morning that his shop has a handful of laptops available for short-term loan if displaced staff need them Friday. You can reach Scott and the team at x2067.