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High-seas activism: Alumnus hopes to break Israeli blockade of Palestinian territory

June 20, 2011


Alumnus Max Suchan’11 just graduated, but he’s not content to relax for the summer. Far from it. On Sunday the sociology major headed to Europe, to prepare to take part in Gaza Freedom Flotilla initiative. Later this month, Suchan plans to board a ship in Greece called the Audacity of Hope, part of a flotilla meant to break through the Israeli navy’s nautical blockade of the Gaza area of Palestine. 

He and several hundred other activists plan on making the trip.

“I think there’s a moral imperative to act,” he says in a video interview with Freedom Flotilla 2—Stay Human, the activist group organizing the effort. In an interview with a CBS affiliate in Chicago, he called the Israeli blockade of Gaza “illegal under international law.”

The planned blockade-breaking comes just a year after nine Turkish activists were killed by Israeli forces while attempting a similar demonstration. Suchan says he’s aware of the risk.

“While there are risks, these are risks that the people of Palestine undertake every single day,” he says in an interview. “True solidarity means that we must also be willing to take risks.”