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Who's on campus? June 13-18

June 14, 2011

Who’s on Campus?

June 13-June 19

Center for Language Studies and BioQUEST both checked-in on Saturday! Starting on June 19, we will be welcoming our first group of young people on to campus for the summer.  Please help them feel welcome and find out what interesting endeavors they are pursuing while here!


Beloit College Academic Programs (see program descriptions below)
Through June 29: Summer Duffy Student Researchers (Carol Wickersham)
Through July 15: McNair Scholars (Aurora Chang)
Through July 15:  Sanger Summer Research Program (Charles Westerburg)
Through July 15: Sustainability Fellows (Yaffa Grossman)
June 11-15:  BioQUEST (Sue Risseeuw, Contact)

June 11-August 5:  Center for Language Studies (Olga Ogurtsova -Faculty Director, Tom Kreiser - Administrative Director)

Conference Center Events

June 18 Wedding  (Eaton Chapel)

Coming up next:

June 19:  Upward Bound (Stephanie King, LaTasha Bell)  Residential High School Students
June 20: Help Yourself  (Stephanie King, Tom Owenby) Commuter Junior High School Students
June 24:  Summer LABS: Waves & Oscillations (Alisa Pykett) Residential High School Students

Program Descriptions from Beloit College's website:

Center for Language Studies
Join us in learning a new language by enrolling in our summer intensive language program. Our four-week or eight-week courses are designed to immerse you in one of four critical-need languages: Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian. We offer high-level instruction and quality resources.  Program is open to high achieving high school students, undergraduate and graduate students, and professionals.

BioQUEST Summer Workshop (2011: Undergraduate Biology in the 21st Century)
For 25 years, the BioQUEST community of faculty developers, presenters, and authors have contributed to curricular reform in undergraduate biology education at a wide variety of institutions, educational conferences, and professional societies. BioQUEST workshops are an intensive, immersive experience in which participants collaboratively explore cutting edge curricular approaches to teaching and learning. This workshop will begin with sessions on bioinformatics, data visualization and cyberlearning.  Participants will then have an opportunity to work in small groups to develop ideas about using these tools and approaches in the classroom.

Summer Duffy Student Researchers

Students who have completed 2 semesters of the Duffy Community Partnerships are selected each year to implement and analyze summer research which builds on their previous academic and field work with the program.  Faculty work closely with students, and the research is designed in conjunction with the field site and supervisors to benefit the community.

McNair Scholars

The Ronald E. McNair Post-baccalaureate Achievement Program recognizes that the diversity of researchers is an integral component of scholastic excellence. It seeks to produce a new generation of scholars and researchers that will more accurately reflect the growing diversity in intellectual perspectives, life experiences, and cultures represented in academia.  The McNair Scholars Program is a federally funded program (one of the TRIO Programs funded by the Department of Education) mandated by Congress. The goal of the program is to increase the number of students in doctoral degree programs who are low-income and first-generation undergraduates or students who come from groups underrepresented in graduate education.

Sanger Summer Research Program
The Sanger Summer Research Program focuses on collaboration between faculty and students on a sustained research project, with particular focus on moving that research toward public presentation and/or publication.

Sustainability Fellows Program
The Beloit College Sustainability Fellows Program gives students the opportunity to contribute their expertise to a campus- or community-based sustainability project.  This eight-week summer program offers internships and applied research experiences for continuing Beloit College students to engage in sustainability-related activities on campus and in the local community.  Each student will work at one site under the mentorship of a faculty member.  In addition to working full-time at their placement sites, students will participate in a weekly Sustainability Seminar and a weekly community-based learning workshop.