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Fight against gypsy moths takes to the skies early in week

May 20, 2011

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources will be spraying the campus oak trees on either Monday or Tuesday, May 23-24, weather permitting. The annual spraying is a part of the state’s efforts to turn back this invasive species and preserve some of our oldest stands of trees—including the college’s majestic oaks.

While the DNR has signaled its intentions to spray, the physical plant likely won’t be notified of an exact time. As a rule of thumb, if you hear planes dive-bombing campus, you can rest assured the work is underway.

The spraying is one of two different activities underway to fight off the moths. The burlap wraps on the trunks are another (see the April 6 Terrarium story, “The mothmen cometh” for more details).  

You can read more about the Wisconsin DNR Gypsy Moth Suppression Program online.