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Summer Symposium program revealed

May 12, 2011

While commencement is foremost on the minds of all students, faculty and staff at present, the week ahead has even more in store, as employees gear up for the college's first ever Summer Symposium. Built in the model of the day-long sessions dedicated to showcasing the research and knowledge of Beloit students, as well as their international experiences, the event is a product of a Staff Council initiative aimed at better communicating the work of the college on campus.

With the annual staff recognition program as its center (slated for noon in the tent outside Pearsons), the day features everything from sessions on the Beloit admissions process and the roommate selection science, to the first public presentation surrounding the faculty's work to put the liberal arts into practice in both the classroom and the community.

An RSVP email has been circulated to all faculty and staff, and all employees are being reminded to dress casually, hang their "Out of Office" signs (and do the same in their email), and come ready to learn and get to know (and cheer on) their colleagues around campus.

Summer Symposium Schedule:

Note: While all sessions have been finalized, time and room locations may change slightly before symposium day. Paper programs will be distributed next week with the final details.  


"The Liberal Arts in Practice"
Natalie Gummer & Charles Westerberg

(Mayer Hall - Wilson Theatre)

At the Convocation for the 2009 academic year, President Bierman sought to illuminate the significance of the often taken-for-granted relationship between practice and freedom:  “This College... is a practice field for the liberal arts. It is an incubator of habits of mind that will provide a lifetime of liberating opportunities. For at the end of the day, a liberal education is not a destination, it is a process. It requires practice, not just during these four years, but over your lifetime. Here you will practice how to practice. . . . . Questioning, listening, reflecting, reading, communicating, collaborating, seeking, solving, creating, doing. These you must practice.”

The pillars of the College’s mission statement— 1) dedication to shaping a fulfilling life of consequence, 2) collaborative international, interdisciplinary, and experiential approaches to education, and 3) the requirement that students graduate with the depth of knowledge around a specific area of study that accompanies a major – intersect and overlap in the liberal arts in practice and represent the heart of a Beloit education.  Our new curriculum calls attention to this, and seeks to advance students’ engagement with these traditional commitments. 

This kick-off session to the summer symposium will offer an overview of the liberal arts in practice as a guiding orientation for the College, explain its relation to the new curriculum, and show how it reflects and advances the excellence of a Beloit College education.

10-10:50a.m.: (choose one of three)

1.  Introducing Jenzabar
Information Technology Staff
What is this buzz about Jenzabar and how will it affect me? The Information Technology (IT) department will be talking about the upcoming move from Datatel to Jenzabar software applications. They will discuss how the campus will be involved as steps are taken to migrate to the new software over the next year and give a preview of some of the changes the campus might expect after the conversion is complete. The presentation will be focused on the concept that WAITT, before-and-after scenarios will be shared and an introduction to the ins-and-outs of a portal will be presented.
(Mathers, Pearsons Hall)

2.  Case Studies
Nancy Benedict & Jim Zilenski, Admissions
An interactive session where participants serve as admissions committee members and advocate for applicants.  The goal of this session is to help staff understand what goes into evaluating applicants, who comes to Beloit and why.
(Java Joint, Pearsons Hall) 

3.  Someone Else’s Shoes
Christina Eddington & Josie Inaldo, Office of International Education
Someone else's shoes: what is it really like to be an international student at Beloit? 
Get a glimpse of what an international student might experience in the first few days at Beloit through some 'experiential learning'.  We'll be doing two interactive activities to heighten cultural awareness.  We will provide an overview of the changing demographics of international students at Beloit and how the OIE supports them.
(Moore Lounge, Pearsons Hall)


11-11:50a.m.: (choose one of three)

1.  Find Your Match
Residential Life Staff
This is an interactive session with opportunities to see how students describe themselves and outline their roommate preferences, actually match some contracts and discuss successful student roommate situations. We will also explore what we know students learn by having a roommate, working through roommate challenges (and how we help that process). We will share basic data about students and their roommates including interventions used by RAs and Hall Directors.
(Moore Lounge, Pearsons Hall)

2.  Beloit by the Numbers
Cynthia Gray & Russ Cannon, Institutional Research and Planning
Ever read about Beloit in the news or in a report and wonder where that information came from? Have you ever been curious about how many students we really have or what those students actually do with their time? This presentation will introduce you to the Office of Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning and describe some of the data we collect, how and to whom we report it, how you might be able to get your hands on it, and why you might want to! Starting with an overview of where we get different kinds of data, this presentation branches out to discuss the kinds of questions we can answer about students, faculty, and staff, and where the answers to those questions come to light. We will give special attention to issues of race/ethnicity reporting, graduation and completion data, and the post-baccalaureate education of our most recent 5 graduating classes.
(Mathers, Pearsons Hall)

3.  It’s a Great Day to Work as a Beloiter! Developing Students into Young Professionals
Angela Davis & Joy Deleon, Student Affairs
Learn how to realize Beloit College's mission through your student employment program in new and different ways through best practices conversations and some fast and fun interactive activities. Gain some easy-to-implement ideas for training, supervising, and developing your student employees.  There will be representatives from Admissions, Career Services/The Liberal Arts in Practice Center, Learning Enrichment and Disability Services, and Help Yourself /Upward Bound.
(Java Joint, Pearsons Hall)



Staff Recognition Luncheon & Awards Ceremony 
(Pearsons Lawn / Rain location: Commons)


1:30-2:05p.m.: (choose one of three; note that tours repeat at 2:15 p.m.) 

1.  A Day In The Life (Game show style)
Michael Brady, Bruce Hamilton & Nancy Loveland, Physical Plant
What does it take to keep a campus running smoothly? From the weight of the snow removed to the amount of power required to cool the campus, this session will quiz you on the essential details. Come check your hypothesizing abilities in this game show style session where you’ll be asked to guess at the details involved in keeping our buildings, our grounds & our pathways available & accessible for use by the campus community.
(Moore Lounge, Pearsons Hall)

2.  Yes, We’re Open to Staff, Too! (An informal library open house)  
Library Staff
Did you know that the library carries a collection of LPs?  Have you found our collection of popular DVD titles?  At this informal open house and self-guided tour, you’ll discover library collections that you might not have known about.  As Beloit College staff, you have full borrowing privileges, and you’re also entitled to explore a host of other services offered by the library.  Upon entering the library, you’ll find a general map of the building with specific locations of interest marked.  Then, feel free to wander the library at your leisure, stopping by some or all of the locations from the map to discover our collections and services.  Along the way, you’ll learn about library resources and meet library staff members who can answer questions, tell you more about their duties, the library, and ISR as a whole. Come join us for a nice, relaxing visit!

3.  Museum Moments (A brief guided tour) 
Dan Bartlett, Michelle Burton, Bill Green, Kei Ishii'12, Nicolette Meister, Logan Museum
Tour the museum on International Museum Day (May 18). We’ll present an introduction to the Logan Museum and explain what we do and why; how we integrate with the College's mission; how students, faculty, staff, and the community can take advantage of our resources. We’ll then split in to groups to see the newest exhibits, including some developed by students, as well as the outside and inside of the monumental Cube with its 6,000 objects from Native American and other cultures. Finally, we’ll tour the recently renovated basement lab, exploring "Cross-cultural Concepts of Currency," a behind-the-scenes tour of the Logan Museum's collection of money from around the world, and explore the renovated Ethnology storage area.
(Logan Museum of Anthropology)


2:15-2:50p.m.: (choose one of three)

1.  Food Service 101 (Game show style)
Peter Kraemer, Food Service
Join the Food Service staff for a game show style presentation where you’ll be quizzed on the process and costs involved in student friendly meal planning, food safety considerations and just where that fabulous maple syrup comes from. Win a treat for your next staff celebration or a complimentary campus meal for you and a guest. Come for the cookies and stay for the challenge!
(Moore Lounge, Pearsons Hall )

2.  Yes, We’re Open to Staff, Too! (An informal library open house) // See description above. 

3.  Museum Moments (A brief guided tour) // See description above.


3-3:50p.m.: (choose one of two)

1.  HR Jeopardy

Human Resources Staff
How well do you know your college benefits? Come test your knowledge in a game of HR Jeopardy—we’ll give you the answers, you give us the questions. Compete in teams for prizes and learn more about all of the benefits available to you.


Getting your news in, and out
Communications & Marketing staff
In 25 minutes you’ll learn everything you need to know about how Communications & Marketing can help you pitch your event, spread the word about your successes, and cement your personal (or departmental) celebrity status.
(Moore Lounge, Pearsons Hall)

2.  Minute to Win It, Buc Style
Athletics Staff
In the style of the popular game show, “Minute To Win It”, the staff in the Athletics department will present challenges to be solved in teams. Four challenges will test your skills in time management, teamwork, recruiting and competition. Gain a better understanding of how Athletics helps students to build skills in these areas while having fun with your co-workers under a (hopefully) sunny sky.
(Sports Center side yard (formerly
Aldrich field) - rain location: Sports Center Gym)



Why They Give
External Affairs Team
(Wilson Theater, Mayer Hall)

We’ve all seen the headlines:

  • “California Lutheran Univ. receives $5-million donation from William Rolland”
  • “Wake Forest to receive $10 million gift - Wall Street CEO to help fund Schools of Business”
  • “New School University announces $7 Million gift to Parsons School of Design from SHEILA C. JOHNSON – Largest donation in Parsons’ 107-year history”
  • “James S. McDonnell III and John F. McDonnell have joined with the JSM Charitable Trust to make a $30 million gift to Princeton University to establish the McDonnell Center for Systems Neuroscience.”

Why do people engage in such extraordinary philanthropy?  Do they simply wake up one day and decide to write a $10 million check to their alma mater? How do these colleges manage to secure these types of gifts?  Is it just serendipity or is there something else at play?  Please join the External Affairs team to learn how these gifts materialize (yes, there is a science behind all of this, as well as an art), and how, with your help, the power of philanthropy can truly impact Beloit College.

5 p.m.: 

Closing Reception, Happy Hour 
(Science Center Garden Courtyard / Rain location: Science Center Atrium)