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Construction begins today on new track, turf

April 11, 2011


Remember that announcement President Bierman made at the end of March? About us getting a new track? Well, it's already coming to fruition.

The construction phase will officially start today (April 12) with the contractor moving equipment on site. Demolition is slated to begin on Monday.

While those of us who are stoked about the return of the Beloit Relays may be tempted to lace up our running shoes, head over to the construction site, and get a sneak peek, be forewarned: now is not the time to peek about, as there will be a huge numbers of trucks, graders and backhoes in action.

That said, no reason to avoid Hancock Field and the Strong Stadium complex entirely. Just stick to walking around the field, to the north (towards the white shed) and avoid cutting through the parking lot next to the softball field--follow this path, and you should still have all your fingers and toes come track season 2012.