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What's on tap at Food Services? Syrup.

April 5, 2011

syrupAt Beloit College, the new Slow Foods Club isn't the only institution with an interest in local foods. And it doesn't get any more local than this: For the last two years, Food Services Director Peter Kraemer has been brewing some sweet concoctions tapped from campus trees.

"Two years ago  I went with my daughter's third-grade class to a maple syrup demonstration at Big Hill Park," Kraemer says. "When I returned to work I began doing a little research of my own and by the end of the day I had ordered spiles (the taps) and bottles and had a plan for filtering."

Currently, Kraemer has four trees tapped on campus, which have produced roughly 100 gallons of sap, which boils down to about a gallon-and-a-half of syrup. That syrup is now being used in Commons.

"I have 14 other trees tapped around town and I process everything together," Kraemer says. "Overall this year I estimate final production to be in the eight-gallon range."

This hobby has definitely piqued the campus community's interest, he says -- if you're curious about the process, you can stop by Commons and taste the sweet results for yourself.