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Kidding – if only a little – on April 1

March 31, 2011


This year, the Round Table isn’t the only one getting to enjoy some creative freedom thanks to the April 1 fauxliday. The front page of the Beloit College website is also getting a temporary makeover. While most of the content hasn’t changed, it has been SUPER-sized.

At the center of this temporary transformation is a new video by Beloit alum, Ben Hartzell’10. As you’ll see in the winking press release in the news feed, Ben shot and produced 90 percent of the video in his last semester on campus. While spending this spring working in a staff position in the communications and marketing office, he put the finishing touches on the video, even as he worked on a variety of other projects (including a tour of the college’s academic buildings, which is also new to the site today).

Enjoy the videos and the website’s temporary sizzle. But please, don’t take it too seriously. (Or should you?!)

As for the Round Table, if last year’s edition was any indication, it’ll be something to see. No fooling.