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They’ve come back from Korea

March 29, 2011


Sophomore Mackenzie Kurtz and first-year Kyle Bohrer had a busy month—they traveled to Korea and back.


The two participated in the trip through a scholarship with the Council on International Education Exchange, and were a part of a group of 75 students from around the country.

We mainly stayed in Seoul, and took a few classes at Yonsei University in Korean culture, history, and language,” Bohrer says. “But, we also did trips during our week there to a Korean folk village, Everland (Korean "Disneyland"), a Korean imperial palace, a Hyundai auto plant, the Blue House (Its like the Korean White House), and the demilitarized zone (pictured above) along with a bunch of other places. We also learned the Korean alphabet, a traditional Korean dance, and how to play traditional Korean drums.”

Below, Kurtz and Bohrer pose at Yonsei University with the rest of their CIEE group, and at the Korean Imperial Palace.Korea group photo



Imperial Palace