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Bushnell to get a lot smoother by July

March 23, 2011


As President Bierman noted in his convocation remarks last August, it's only a few hundred steps to downtown Beloit. And assuming you're taking the hill-side sidewalk down, it's a smooth stroll. But if you've driven down in recent years, you may have found the trip down Bushnell to be occasionally tooth-rattling. Relax that jaw, drivers, because the drive to the Beloit Inn, Cafe Belwah, and Highway 51 is going to get a whole lot more pleasant this summer. 

Beginning June 1, the city of Beloit will be repaving Bushnell from the College Street corner (and Poetry Garden) down to Pleasant Street. The city's engineers tell us the street will get stripped, busted up and repaved in a matter of about three weeks. If the timing sounds awfully convenient for those of us fixating on commencement ceremonies in mid-May, that's no accident. The city kindly put off the work plans until the summer for that very reason. 

The trucks and road work won't completely disappear come July. Once Bushnell is complete, the crews will be repaving College Street from Bushnell south to East Grand Ave.