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Student job postings: Office of Admissions

March 14, 2011


Interested in working for admissions? The office is looking to fill several key roles with student workers.

You can apply online at, and applications are due Wednesday (March 16).

If you have questions about the positions, please contact Trevor Johnson or Sam Stover at ext. 2500 regarding the senior intern position, and Alex Catalan or Susan Chadwick at ext. 2500 regarding the Gold Key coordinator and permanent overnight host positions.

Senior Intern This para-professional position is specifically designed for students who have completed three years of coursework at Beloit College. These individuals will interview prospective students, assist with on campus visit programming, and prepare special projects to help shape the future student body at the college.

Gold Key Coordinator Coordinators are responsible for managing our student ambassador team with attention to detail, organization, and leadership. Training and scheduling of tour guides, hosts (overnight, evening and/or lunch), and drivers for all visiting prospective students and families is the primary objective of this position. Students will work in the Admissions Office for 10 hours per week.

Permanent Overnight Host (POH) These students are expected to provide a friendly and positive surrounding for prospective students who spend the night on campus throughout the school year. As a permanent overnight host, you must be enthusiastic and have a positive attitude about Beloit College. You should expect to host prospective students 1-2 times per week throughout the semester. As a POH, you will have a single for the price of a double, and your room will be furnished with two beds. No other compensation is provided.