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Beloiter describes Kiwi earthquake in hometown newspaper

March 14, 2011


A lot of students report feeling shaken to the core by their study-abroad experiences, but they don’t usually mean literally. 

That hasn’t been the case this semester, as two students weathered the recent quake in Japan; Megan Mason’12 was studying geology in New Zealand when an earthquake hit at the end of February. Thankfully, Beloiters have remained safe through these extraordinary events.

Mason offered a first-person account of the quake in the Cannon Falls Beacon in Cannon Falls, Minn., her hometown. She was in class when the earthquake occurred.

“While underneath the desks, we rode out the intense shaking as the floor moved from side-to-side. When the shaking and rumbling ceased we watched the ceiling lights sway back and forth,” she writes. “Earlier in the class, we had all introduced ourselves and where we were from, because it was a small class of 16 students, not typical of an average class size at Canterbury. Once everybody caught their breath the professor said, ‘How was that Miss Minnesota?!’”