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The corner of State and Grand is all torn up: why?

March 10, 2011


Because that intersection, a focal point for many a downtown shenanigan, is getting repaved and made over. When the project is complete (it’s projected to be finished in June, or, according to a local business’s Facebook page, “no longer than five or six root canals”) the street will be paved with bricks and sidewalks will be noticeably wider.

It’s not possible to drive through the State Street/Grand Avenue intersection right now, but, as evidenced by helpful signage, your favorite businesses in that corridor are still open, as are sidewalks. It might be more difficult to find downtown parking—temporarily—but the Downtown Beloit Association has created a map of areas still open to parking and pedestrians.

The Downtown Beloit Association will continue to update its website with construction news, and offers an explanation of the funding that made the project possible. Downtown business Bushel & Peck’s has also posted a number of photos of the progress on their Facebook page.