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Beloiter back on Colbert Report to talk pollination

March 7, 2011


Mark Moffett'79, Beloiter, explorer, and bug man extraordinaire, was on The Colbert Report on Thursday night discussing his latest work: a feature article in National Geographic on pollination. Appearing against a green screen that showed the two at insect size and surrounded by towering flowers, Moffett educated the Comedy Central host about the three-way exchange that is the pollination act. As Colbert put it, one plant's pollen is transferred to another plant via a "creature" (and in the case of Moffett's latest article, the work is mainly done by bees, but also moths, lemurs, lizards and others). 

Colbert introduced "Dr. Bugs," as Moffett is known, as a "longtime friend of the show." The author, photographer, and explorer has appeared in the past to discuss his book "Adventures Among Ants," frogs, and other topics. 

Watch all of the Report's Thursday program online to see the green screen put to even further use as a backdrop for a Jon Stewart-Jimmy Fallon-Colbert nightmare sequence and their attempts to secure a Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor.