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MEET: Russell Cannon

March 2, 2011


Russ Cannoname: Russell Cannon
Occupation: Institutional research assessment and planning associate
Hometown/residence: Originally from Laurel, Mississippi; reside in Madison, Wis.
Spouse: Shannon Taylor Smith Cannon, just married June 12th of this year.
Pets: None yet; we're on our second houseplant and we're working up from there. 
Hobbies: Running, biking, local volunteering, playing the piano, singing, home-studio recording and live mixing, historical research.
What are a few of your favorite things? Home-cooked meals, Golden Retrievers, visiting a new place with someone who knows it well, hearing a great band unexpectedly, learning something worth repeating to someone else.
What can’t you live without? NPR podcasts and books on CD for the drive. 
What’s your favorite hidden gem here in the area? The Beloit Auction House, replete with an authentic fast-talking auctioneer, free cookies, and the opportunity to purchase a wooden plow, a Morgan silver dollar, and a used police car in the same sitting.    
Favorite meal? Fried chicken with green peas and mashed potatoes and gravy.
Beatles or Stones? Beatles