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Tales from Abroad: A multimedia festival

February 28, 2011


It can be hard to explain your study-abroad experience says Matt Pitz’11. People will ask the ubiquitous question—“How was (insert country here)?”

PhotoFilm2“What do you say?” Pitz mused at a Q & A following yesterday’s screening of Tales from Abroad: A PhotoFilm Festival. “Good? Fun? I had a great time?”

He and his classmates found a way to describe their experiences through a mix of mediums during IDST 201: Study Abroad Reflection and Integration. The students in the class returned to campus earlier than the regularly scheduled semester to participate, and Pitz says it gave him an outlet to process his experience studying in Japan, producing a narrated slideshow about the idea of fitting in in an unfamiliar place. The end result is his answer to that ubiquitous question—“This is what I mean by 'good,'” he says.

Along with Pitz, eight other students shared their experience through video, photos, narration, and music, ranging across continents, countries, and cultures. Brian Shobe’12 shared a trip into Ecuador’s oil country, Liz Haan’11 offered up a love letter to Jordan, and Deborah Massey’11 compared the cultural concepts of teatime in Senegal, Russia, and Turkey.

Tales from Abroad: A PhotoFilm Festival will screen for a second time tonight at 7:30 p.m. in Richardson Auditorium.