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Beloiters take to the streets, editorial pages as state capitol standoff continues

February 23, 2011


BDN clipAs the standoff - and stake out - in the state house continued on Tuesday, Beloit College students took to the streets in a show of support for state workers-- a move that was captured in a front page photo in Tuesday's Beloit Daily News. According to the caption that appeared in the paper, the Beloiters marched along with high school students at Beloit Memorial and Turner to protest Governor Scott Walker's bill that aims, in part, to eliminate collective bargaining rights for state workers.

On a day when the Daily News' own editorial was calling for a breather, the students weren't the only campus community members weighing in. Denzil Showers'10, academic technology associate in ISR, also offered an opinion in in the "Public Forum" section of the paper, asserting that the bill will "remove long held rights, beliefs and laws."

No matter where you fall on this particular issue, there's no question that the debate (and disappearance of state Democrats) has been one of the nation's biggest stories this week. To use one barometer, three of the top 10 stories on the New York Times website on Wednesday had to do with the debate, and "Wisconsin" was the fourth most searched term on the site (behind, interestingly, "Modern Love" and, less surprising, Egypt and China).