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PLACES: Spaces on campus you (probably) haven’t seen before

February 23, 2011


Smith Building. Second floor. Physical Plant office.

phys plant placesBeyond the desk with the "Director of First Impressions" sign is a freshly - and brightly - painted wall. There's a turtle on a John Deere mower making for Middle College. Beyond it, the road points to Eaton Chapel. A quick "what's this?" and it turns out that this is a work in progress, and the young woman on the stool is the artist. The woman watching her contemplate her next move? Her mother. 

The muralist is a Beloiter by birth: Melissa Ryan, a freshman at UW-Rock County and the daughter of LeeAnn Ryan, physical plant receptionist and project assistant. The mural depicts the work of this office, which lives in the Smith Building (which, if you've ever looked closely, still has a plaque outside celebrating its former life as the student center).

Want to have a look? "Come on over," says Michael Brady, the director of first impressions himself.